Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Web Launch: WessCare

WessCare of Tennessee recently chose Spencer Photo & Design to design a simple, functional website to showcase their wide range of home medical and respiratory equipment.

Thank you, WessCare, we appreciate the business!

Friday, December 2, 2011

The S Family

Our neighbors, Theo and Diana, and their adorable kiddos A and S, gathered with family over Thanksgiving weekend for a quick photo session while everybody was in town (...and stuffed with turkey!  And before the days' football games began!)

It was an easy commute for Scott and I; a quick hop across the front lawns and we were set & ready to go!  If all photo shoots could be these close!

A few favorites from the day:

This last one is so angelic! Baby S had his own sun spotlight!

Thanks for letting us spend time with you guys!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Web Relaunch: Carl Solway Gallery

Recently, Scott and I were lucky enough to land a website redesign for a well-respected art gallery in Cincinnati - the Carl Solway Gallery.  The gallery is nearly 50 years old and is the only member of the ADAA (Art Dealers Association of America) in the tri-state area.

The focus of this redesign was to get most of their inventory (current exhibitions, available pieces, past exhibitions) online and to make the site navigation more user-friendly.

Even if you're not the typical "artsy" type, we highly recommend a visit to the Solway Gallery - you'll be amazed at what you might see!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Web Launch: The Shore Collection

We recently finished a custom website for private art collectors in Cincinnati - John and Ronnie Shore (The Shore Collection).  Their impressive collection needed to be cataloged in an easy-to-navigate online format that would allow potential galleries to see each and every piece they own.  The site also needed to be simple in design and compatible with a multitude of handheld devices and tablets.

As art enthusiasts, Scott and I were in awe of all the pieces in the gallery.  However, one artist was brought to our attention and we both agreed his work is pretty amazing.  Joe Fig creates detailed dioramas, then photographs the scene as if peeking in to a moment in the life of the subject.  I really responded to his diorama of Jackson Pollack's barn studio and the corresponding photograph of the artist creating one of his signature masterpieces (last image, row 1; first three images, row 2):

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Engagement Shoot: Daniel and Laura, Part Two

After a winter-themed part one engagement shoot to coincide with their upcoming New Year's Eve wedding, we finally connected with my brother Daniel and his fiance Laura to finish their engagement session.

We hit a lot of urban Cincinnati locations - Eden Park, the overlook at Mt. Adams by The Rookwood Restaurant, 6th Street in front of the old Maisonette Restaurant, and a hidden open art park by Longworth Hall, next to the Bengals stadium.  We also did a few studio shots to wrap up the day.

Now, on to the photos...

Side note: You'll notice my brother is wearing a Louisville jersey and Laura is wearing her Ohio State jersey... hm... a house divided?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Web Relaunch: Norton Outdoor Advertising

It had been over two years since the last web redesign for Norton Outdoor Advertising - and with the upcoming launch of a new product, it seemed the perfect time to completely overhaul the company's website.

It's clean, simple and easy to navigate - the target visitor being a busy media buyer who doesn't have a lot of time to navigate through a cluttered site.

We also added a mobile-friendly site with basic information for those on a variety of hand held devices. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Becky's Baby Shower

Last weekend, one of my fabulous sorority sisters from college hosted a pajama-themed baby shower for another amazing sorority sister and mama-to-be, Becky.

Even though the weather in Cleveland was still on the winter side of spring, we dutifully arrived in our comfiest pj's and ate, drank and laughed all afternoon.

It was a wonderful day of celebrating the soon-to-be-born Baby A with old and new friends.