Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Web Launch: The Shore Collection

We recently finished a custom website for private art collectors in Cincinnati - John and Ronnie Shore (The Shore Collection).  Their impressive collection needed to be cataloged in an easy-to-navigate online format that would allow potential galleries to see each and every piece they own.  The site also needed to be simple in design and compatible with a multitude of handheld devices and tablets.

As art enthusiasts, Scott and I were in awe of all the pieces in the gallery.  However, one artist was brought to our attention and we both agreed his work is pretty amazing.  Joe Fig creates detailed dioramas, then photographs the scene as if peeking in to a moment in the life of the subject.  I really responded to his diorama of Jackson Pollack's barn studio and the corresponding photograph of the artist creating one of his signature masterpieces (last image, row 1; first three images, row 2):