Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Web Relaunch: Sweat Training

Are you ready to sweat?  Are you ready to live a fit lifestyle?  If so, look no further than our latest client - Sweat Training!  Owner Danielle Korb needed a new site to showcase her rear-end kicking training program, and we are so happy to have been introduced by our mutual friend, Shannon at Salon Cherry Bomb!

We started with a complete site overhaul, integrating her social media presence predominately on each page (check out her Twitter feed on the main page)!  We then redesigned her blog site Sweat Fit Lifestyle (using Google's Blogger platform) to seamlessly integrate into the regular site.

If you aren't a local Cincinnati resident and can't get to her physical gym, have no fear - Danielle has taken her plan online!  We integrated a purchasing widget into the site so you can buy Sweat Fit's customizable Diet + Exercise Plan

A few site screenshots: