Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gallery Opening | Manifest

For all you Cincinnati artsy folks... 

Our next door neighbors are a few of the main forces behind the wonderful MANIFEST gallery in East Walnut Hills.  The urban space on Woodburn Avenue is constantly rotating with different exhibitions - and this latest one (well, three actually) has really caught my eye!

From their press release:
MANIFEST opens three new exhibits this Friday!
TEXTUALITY, INK and AIR, and PROCESS: A Solo Exhibit of Drawings by David Kassan

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, March 9, 6-9 p.m. 
(refreshments will be served, sponsored by the Echo Restaurant and What's for Dinner?)

DAVID KASSAN PUBLIC DEMO: Friday, March 16, 6-10p.m. at the Drawing Center

DATE NIGHT: Saturday, March 31, 5-7p.m.
(Special after-hours free public event offering 25% off dinner at Suzie Wong's post-visit to the gallery)



The abstract about the one I'm most interested in seeing, TEXTUALITY (works pictured above), reads:

Not long after humanity began drawing, drawings evolved into writing. Pictures became symbols, abstraction blossomed, and language became visual. Two branches, sharing one root, carried forward people's ideas, feelings, and plans. The visual and the verbal arts shared the role of encapsulating civilization's data. And they continue to do so today, in so many wondrous and varied ways. TEXTUALITY is an exhibit that inquires into the overlap of these two branches, seeking examples of where the verbal is made visual, where language returns into image.

Submissions to this competitive exhibit were expected to range from the straightforward, to works that were abstract, fragmented, or in other ways surprising or significantly processed away from recognition. Manifest was eager to see just how artists make work of any media or genre using text or letter forms as a significant element. The artists of TEXTUALITY have satisfied our curiosity, and their exhibit promises to engage visitors to the gallery in unusual and delightful ways. 

For this exhibit 331 artists from 41 states and 13 countries submitted 835 works for consideration. Fifteen works by the following 13 artists from Alabama, Arizona, California, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Virginia, Canada, and Germany were selected for presentation in the gallery and catalog.

More information about MANIFEST and it's current and upcoming exhibitions at: