Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Inspiration at the Philadelphia International Flower Show

I was lucky enough to be visiting some amazing friends a couple weekends ago - on the agenda for our fun Philly weekend was a stop at the Philadelphia International Flower Show late Saturday night.  Trust me, this wasn't your ordinary flower show... if you catch the website URL for the event, you'll notice it is THE FLOWER SHOW.  Word.

The theme was "Hawaii" and seriously - the designs (arrangements?) were insane.  I only had my little point and shoot camera, so the images aren't the best.  (Although looking back, the prevalence of people with DSLRs set on "auto" made me glad I had my trusty little Canon Powershot).

Top image - my dream table centerpiece! Who needs room for food when you have well-lit glass with cascading white flowers?
Second image - I die for hot pink plants.  A flower waterfall.  A spiderweb/origami/flower construction.
Third image - little itty bitty shadowboxes.  There was a line 20 deep to see these things.
Bottom image - it's make-your-own-Hawaiian-print night!  The artist, who my friends knew, created these panels attached to chains at the top (not pictured) - you could crank the panels left and right to create your own personalized Hawaiian print... genius!

Your move, Cincinnati Flower Show.