Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Digital Outdoor: Tri-State Running

As many of you know, my (Rebecca's) day job is for an advertising agency specializing in billboards.  My particular job entails working with digital billboards - those fancy, new, large computer screens on the sides of interstates you see popping up everywhere.

I design for digital outdoor clients during the day, so it was a little surreal to be sitting at my home computer, designing for a Spencer Photo & Design client at night!

Our friends at Tri-State Running Company purchased outdoor space (which is one of the best advertising vehicles for your dollar!) from a company with a display reading to I-75 Ky southbound traffic.  The design, promoting their 5k race in July and the upcoming high school cross country season, needed to be simple, with the headline containing as few words as possible (a good rule of thumb is seven words or less). One image, tagline and logo complete the trifecta of good outdoor advertising.  Having a call to action ("Register Now!") and an offer ("20% Off!") is important as well... it's all about the ROI, people!

Typically, white is NOT a recommended background for digital billboards - with some sign manufacturers, you can see the individual LED cards that form a grid to make up the display.  However, this particular manufacturer (which my day job company has bought a few displays from), has whole-sign color calibration during their manufacturing process - you won't see the tiling of the LED cards.  The white is so clear, you almost think it's a regular billboard!