Thursday, June 7, 2012

Web Relaunch: Spencer Photo & Design!

Seriously... it was about time, folks!  We were in need of a fresh template to showcase our graphic design & web work and after a few months of tinkering - we're proud to announce the brand-spanking-new Spencer Photo & Design website!

As you can see, we are now more focused on the "design" part of Spencer Photo & Design - but have no fear! - we still have photography services available (our weddings, sports, family sessions, etc. are now housed at

The biggest goal for us with the new site is to showcase the range of our offerings - from business cards to logos and brochures to robust websites

We are big fans of Lightbox, and continued our use of it on the new site:

If all goes well, a mobile site will be launching soon... but until then, enjoy the new SP&!