Friday, July 13, 2012

Hipster Exercise

Every once in a while, I try and step back from my day-to-day dealings with art & design and think about how far things have come...

I first remember using Photoshop in high school, when it was version 3.0.  It's now in its 13th iteration (or CS6 if you want to get technical). We used the original iMac, I believe.

Scott and I both learned the art of photography on old-school cameras (mine was a Nikon).  We shot in black and white, rolled our own film and processed photos in a darkroom.

Nowadays with the abundance of camera phones and point-and-shoot apps like Hipstamatic and Instagram, art is literally a click away.  Not that it is a bad thing... more art = happier people.

For a challenge, I decided to create my own Hipstamatic/Instagram images, using only Photoshop and a few photos I'd taken with my iPhone.  (If I really were to challenge myself, I would have rolled my own film, shot with a true SLR, processed the images, scanned them to a computer, then edited them... mmm maybe another day).

Using a variety of filters, brushes and light effects, and with the help of the lovely (clockwise from top left) Sophie, Ari, Mr. Eko and Hugo, here is the final product...

Not too shabby!  It was fun to rediscover the artsy side to a design program I use daily (but in a more commercial way).  Expect more to come!