Monday, October 29, 2012

iPhone Photography

Who would have guessed that a couple iPhone photos snapped on our recent vacation to Mexico would end up on the evening news?

To clarify... it wasn't about the photos themselves, but the imagery helped bring a news story to life.

After experiencing part of Hurricane Sandy on our flight from Mexico back to the states (on our way to our layover in Baltimore), my news reporter sister-in-law reached out (first making sure we were okay) and expressed an interest in phone interviewing us about our delightful journey northward.  Just so happens she was at the Cincinnati/NKY airport interviewing people about their equally delightful travel experiences.

"Would you mind giving us a quick interview over the phone?"   
Sure!  I have about an hour to kill before our flight from Baltimore to Dayton... if there will be a flight from Baltimore to Dayton.

"Do you have a photo you could send?  Maybe one of you at the airport?  Or one at the beach in Mexico?"  
Just so happens Scott snapped a few on his iPhone, even a panorama one.  Should do the trick.

I answered a few quick questions and texted her the photos. As I'm getting my things back in order, we hear that it's time to board... the second to last flight for the night out of BWI.  Talk about cutting it close.

After arriving in Dayton and driving back to Cincinnati, it was close to midnight.  I checked online a little bit later and found the news story.  So goes the story of Spencer Photo & Design, featured on Cincinnati's WLWT Channel 5 (thanks Laura!).  All in a day's work.

Original photos: