Saturday, January 19, 2013

Introducing... Spencer Digital Photography.

Since we reworked our Spencer Photo & Design website to focus on the graphic and web side of our business, we realized we needed another online outlet to showcase our wedding, engagement, sports, events and lifestyle photography... drumroll please... introducing!

Spencer Digital Photography is a mini-brand of Spencer Photo & Design, so as of this posting, we won't be creating a new logo or marketing it differently; it's simply the online warehouse of our photography.

The one thing we did spend a good amount of time reorganizing is the wedding section of  Instead of the old gallery breakdown by part of wedding (bride and groom, ceremony, reception), we listed our favorite weddings with images from the entire day - from getting ready to the final toasts.

In pouring over thousands of wedding photos, we wanted to post a few that made us smile.  :)

Saving the best for last - the bride & groom look so happy and in love - but check out their bridesmaids and groomsmen!  Putting the "party" in wedding party!