Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Web Design: Feed the People Catering

We recently launched the new website for Feed the People Catering, a wonderful new venture from our dear friend Vickie Magliano  (you might remember we created the logo, too).  Vickie and her team create amazing fusion foods - from my personal favorite Baa-Moo Balls (lamb and beef meatballs with chutney, tzatziki curry and dill) to Torta (potpourri potato with organic eggs, caramelized onions, mancheco cheese w/basil pesto) to Grill-Gies (grilled veggies).  

Delicious foods aside, the best part about Feed the People Catering is that they donate a portion of their net profit to various local and international charities.  Their slogan sums it up: "from your heart, to their table."