Sunday, July 28, 2013

Web Refresh: Carl Solway Gallery

Almost two years ago, we set out to redesign the website for the local art gallery Carl Solway Gallery...  And after getting most of their inventory and exhibitions online, our next challenge was to overhaul the appearance of the site.  We recently simplified the navigation, changed the background color, and updated the layout so tablet visitors would be able to easily view artwork.

In addition, we designed a custom blog site to coordinate with their traditional website - with new artwork & exhibitions moving in and out of the gallery, it was critical for gallery staff to be able to post updates a moment's notice.

Check them out at and

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Something's missing here...

...must be a trained photographer.

via Adverve

Once a newspaper gets rid of it's photographers, it's iPhones all the way, baby!  A Tumblr called SunTimes/DarkTimes has been gaining popularity with its side by side comparison of the day's front pages (photo and video)... we suggest checking it out!